Becca Levian

Store to Door

Luxury at your door.

Store to Door is a mobile app that we designed, which allows customers the luxury of buying expensive accessories right from their hotel room, with simply the swipe of their finger! I worked closely with a UX Designer to come up with a simple, easy-to-use app that was playful, intuitive and beautifully designed.

Starting from the product detail page, your first view shows an image gallery, color options, product name, and price. If you like the product (in this case the Bucket bag in suede fringing), simply click the "I'll Take It" CTA to begin the purchase confirmation process. The confirmation process begins with an affirmation of your choice, and the essential details. It asks you to swipe to continue, or else tap to cancel. As you continue to swipe, a fun, engaging story is revealed that mirrors your own. At certain steps, you have the option to choose something other than the default. Just tap the prompt to enter more info. And finally, sign your initials to confirm the purchase.